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Q4:20 Market Review – Stocks Get Booster Shot On Vaccine Hopes (January 2021)

Q3:20 Market Review – Vote Early, Vote Often (October 2020)

Q2:20 Market Review – The Great Disconnect (July 2020)

Q1:20 Market Review – COVID the Barbarian - Swift & Furious (April 2020)

Q4:19 Market Review – On the Rebound (January 2020)

Q3:19 Market Review – Interest Rates Plummet (October 2019)

Q2:19 Market Review – Well-Being! (July 2019)

Q1:19 Market Review – Diversion -> Inversion -> Reversion (April 2019)

Q4:18 Market Review – A Lump of Coal & A Candy Cane (January 2019)

Q3:18 Market Review – Ding! Ding! Ding! (October 2018)

Q2:18 Market Review – Trade Tariffs: Tiff, Tussle or Tsunami? (July 2018)

Q1:18 Market Review – Normalcy Returns (April 2018)

Q4:17 Market Review – An Eerie Calm… (January 2018)

Q3:17 Market Review – In the Eye of the Storm (October 2017)

Q2:17 Market Review – The Fiduciary Rule (July 2017)

Q1:17 Market Review – Optimism Trumps Worry (April 2017)

Q4:16 Market Review – Party Like It's 1999! Fund (January 2017)

Post-Election Market Note - "The Trend Is Your Friend" (November 2016)

Q3:16 Market Review – Happy Anniversary to the Index Fund! (October 2016)

Q2:16 Market Review – Brexit Barrage… & Bounce! (July 2016)

Q1:16 Market Review – Profits vs. Probabilities (April 2016)

Q4:15 Market Review – We Have Liftoff!! (January 2016)

Q3:15 Market Review – Déjà Vu All Over Again (October 2015)

Q2:15 Market Review – Greek Tragedy Looms Large (July 2015)

Q1:15 Market Review – Earnings vs. Eyeballs (April 2015)

Q4:14 Market Review — A Tale of Two Markets (January 2015)

Q3:14 Market Review — New Market Milestones (October 2014)

Q2:14 Market Review — Onward and Upward (July 2014)

Q1:14 Market Review — Stocks Inch Ahead (April 2014)

Q4:13 Market Review — Bulls Return to Wall Street (January 2014)

Q3:13 Market Review — Shutdowns, Lockdowns and Rundowns (October 2013)

Q2:13 Market Review — Stocks Mixed, Bonds Slip (July 2013)

Q1:13 Market Review — Stocks Swim, Retirement Confidence Sinks (April 2013)

Q4:12 Market Review — Fiscal Bungee Jumping (January 2013)

Kalorama Wealth Strategies, LLC Officially Certified as an LGBT Business Enterprise (January 2013)

Q3:12 Market Review — Social Security: Claim Your Online Benefit Statement (October 2012)

Q2:12 Market Review — Summer: Time to Jump in the Card Pool (July 2012)

Q1:12 Market Review — Taxes, Taxes, Texas — Taxmageddon Coming in 2013 (April 2012)

Q4:11 Market Review — Resolve to be Financially Resolute in 2012 (January 2012)

Q3:11 Market Review — Interest Rates on Sale (October 2011)

Q2:11 Market Review — Buy or Lease those New Wheels? (July 2011)

Q1:11 Market Review — Retirement Confidence Hits New Low; Planning Crucial (April 2011)

Q4:10 Market Review — Does Diversification Still Work? (January 2011)

Q3:10 Market Review — A Fighting Chance & Happy Anniversary! (October 2010)

Q2:10 Market Review — Investing Rocks! Advice from Ancient Texts of Classic Rock (July 2010)

Q1:10 Market Review — Retirement Confidence Steadies but Saving Fades (April 2010)

Q4:09 Market Review — New Year Brings Changes to Kalorama Wealth Strategies (January 2010)

Q3:09 Market Review — Be In Motion to Take Charge of Your Finances (October 2009)

Q2:09 Market Review — Filling the Retirement Gap (July 2009)

Q1:09 Market Review — Building Retirement Confidence in a Bear Grip (April 2009)

Q4:08 Market Review — Volatility & Words of Financial Wisdom (January 2009)

Q3:08 Market Review — Bubbles, Crashes & Recoveries! (October 2008)

Q2:08 Market Review — Independence Day Revisited (July 2008)

Q1:08 Market Review — Independence Day 2008: April 23rd! (April 2008)

Q4:07 Market Review — Future Retiree ISO Educ Finl Prof for LTR (January 2008)

Q3:07 Market Review — Who am I? Why am I here? (October 2007)

Q2:07 Market Review — Commencing Countdown, Engines On! (July 2007)

Q1:07 Market Review — Portfolio Spring-Cleaning Revisited (April 2007)

Q4:06 Market Review — The Real Story in 2006... (January 2007)

Q3:06 Market Review — Dow Jones Hits New High: Big Deal!? (October 2006)

Q2:06 Market Review — A Picture is Worth More... (July 2006)

Q1:06 Market Review — Portfolio Spring Cleaning (April 2006)

New Company and Web Site Launched — Kalorama Wealth Strategies/ (September 2005)

David in the News

David Receives Financial Planner of the Year Award from Financial Planning Association (January 2016)

David Celebrates 10 Years in Business (September 2015)

David in BBC Column First marriage, now money equality (June 26, 2015)

David in Washington Blade’s Pink Money Column — Second Chances: Interest Rates on Sale Again (February 20, 2015)

David in Seeking Alpha’s Web Site Column — Build My Portfolio (September 9, 2011)

David in Wall Street Journal’s Smart Money Pay Dirt Column — Three Top Financial Tips Before You Wed (July 26, 2011)

David in Life & Health National Underwriter Column — Born This Way (July 25, 2011)

David in Washington Blade’s Home & Garden Column — Spring Real Estate Market has Sprung (April 8, 2011)

David in Washington Blade’s Business Column — To Convert or Not to Convert? That is the Roth IRA Question. (March 4, 2011)

David in MetroWeekly’s Domestic Partner Column — New Year Numbers (January 19, 2011)

David in Washington Blade’s Business Agenda Column — Gay Couples and the Urge to Merge (When should you consider combining finances?) (July 23, 2010)

David in CFA Magazine’s Analyst Agenda Column (type my last name (taube) in the e-zine search box or see the last paragraph in the fifth column on pages 28-29) (Jan/Feb 2010)

David in MetroWeekly’s Domestic Partner Column — Money Mingling (October 22, 2009)

David in MetroWeekly's Domestic Partner Column — Finding a Fearless Future (May 28, 2009)

David in Washington Post’s “Ask the Experts” Column — Reverse Mortgage (September 14, 2008)

David in MetroWeekly's Domestic Partner Column — Where to Invest (July 17, 2008)

David in Washington Post’s “Ask the Experts” Column — Budgeting (June 29, 2008)

David in Washington Post’s “Ask the Experts” Column — Credit Report (April 6, 2008)

Passport to Profits. From France to Japan, REITS are growing all over the world. Wealth Manager (July/August 2006)

Hedging Home Equity: How advisors may soon be able to help their clients lock in their real estate gains. Bank Investment Consultant (December 2005)

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The Case for Indexing: Vanguard Research, February 2011

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